InvaBuy Purchasing

Invapay purchasing and payments

InvaBuy is a private cloud purchase & pay platform enabling you to trade with one-off or ad-hoc suppliers quickly and cost-effectively.

There is no need to set up suppliers or process invoices on your core finance systems, which can often be as expensive as the purchase you are making.

Quickly generate light touch purchase orders, validate suppliers (KYC & AML), approve and goods receipt.

100% VAT and tax compliant e-invoicing for every transaction.

Suppliers are paid to your agreed terms including sending out email remittance advices.

Buyers benefit from improved cash flow and enjoy early settlement discounts.

InvaBuy optimises your processes and trading relationships, cutting costs and increasing compliance – ensuring you have visibility control compliance & cash management at your fingertips.

InvaBuy – The smarter way to Purchase & Pay.

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